Steph Zimmerman

The Patti Page Quartet
Duration of audio piece: 30 minutes
Felt, wood, paper, found records, shipping box, plastic, shipping materials, email, carpet, 4-channel audio recording 
The installation centers around a radio play-like audio piece which tells a fictional story—through dialogue, pop songs, sound effects, soundscapes, and found audio—of pop singer Patti Page encountering other Patti Pages as she travels around the Midwest. In 1948, Patti Page became the first person to layer their own vocals on a record with the release of her romantic duet “Confess.”

The Patti Page Quartet Act 1.5 (Patti tries to sing a love song)
Duration of audio piece: 15 minutes
2-channel audio recording, speakers, transcript
Part of group exhibition installed at Westbeth Gallery, NYC